This is a guestbook for our visitors to share memories and experiences from Gjesvær and North Cape. To all our friends and visitors - you are very welcome to sign the guestbook

Dear Bjorn and Helene,

Thank you for hosting us in the Arctic Circle.
Your welcome was amazing and we felt very much at home during our stay.
The cabins are in a great location right on the sea and this was the perfect place to spend a 30th birthday - far from the maddening crowd!

We spent our week in the comfort of the cabins but also ventured around to see the north cape, Skarsvag and the mountains and snow on our doorstep. We were so lucky with the weather and got to see the snow melting and the lakes revealing themselves from the winter. We took out the small boat for a harbour tour and although did not spy any whales :) we had an excellent time.

The cabins were perfectly kitted out with a lovely view over the little harbour and the goings on in the sea.
We would unhesitatingly recommend Barents Sea Cabins to anyone wishing to visit the very North and Bjorn and Helene will guarantee a friendly, warm and enthusiastic welcome.
All the very best!
  • Stirling and Antonia
  • United Kingdom United Kingdom
  • April 2015
Hej hej,
Tak for en dejligt sejltur. Børnene er helt med det og de snakker kun om det. De vil helt sikker kommer tilbage. Det vil jeg også; vi vil komme engang til vinter og bo hos dig nogle dage. Kommer du nogensinde til Danmark så SKAL du bare komme og besøge os. Indtil da håber jeg at vi ses snart om vinteren :-)
  • Razvan, Andreas og
  • Denmark Denmark
  • June/July 2013
Helene and Bjørn,
Big thanks for great time we have spent in your cabins. Bird cruise and deep sea fishing was simply amazing for us. Our first caught fishes tasted marvelously! We will keep this in our mind and hearts, specially you Bjorn

Team Roman
  • Roman
  • Slovakia Slovakia
  • June 2013
Dear Björn,
What amazing cabins @ what an amazing location do you have! We have had the best time checking out the Northern Light for hours and hours and laughing with you. After driving all the way from the Netherlands to the Nordkapp, this was definitely one of the highlights.

Vredestein Noordkaap Challenge 2012

We'll definitely come back some day! Start defrosting some King Crab already please ;)

Greets, teams of the Vredestein Noordkaap Challenge 2012
  • Teams of the
    Vredestein Noordkaap
    Challenge 2012
  • Netherlands Netherlands
  • 12 December, 2012
Dear Bjørn,
I'm one of the 10 people that managed to squeeze in your awesome cabin by the harbour.
In particular I'm the one that wants to get rid of his studies, come back there and learn the art of fishing, enjoying a completely different life.
Our trip was certainly much fun, but spending some time in your village was for sure one of the biggest pleasures.

One car, ten people


I loved going around with your boat, meeting your friendly son and wife, and for sure tasting that super salmon! (I should have bought some to bring back home..)
Thanks for giving us the BARENTS Experience and don't think that you've managed to get rid of us!

We'll come back!
Marco (hopefully future fisherman in Gjesvær)
  • Marco Piccardo
  • Italy Italy
  • 16-18 October, 2010
What an amazing experience!
My sister (Annelie) and I had only a few days to travel in Norway after my conference and obviously wanted to make the most of it. Fortunately she discovered this website and booked us in for the night of the 14th of June.
The drive to Gjesvær was like driving on the roof of the world. Amazing scenery of snow and ice!
Just before midnight we walked through a part of the quiet town and was fortunate to see the sun peeking out from behind the clouds at midnight.
The next morning I fulfilled my dream of swimming in the North. It was a cold, windy morning but mind over matter and I was in the Barents Sea. Admittedly, it wasn't a long swim due to the temperature :-)

Mind over matter

Then we went on the boat cruise to Gjesværstappen. As a biologist, it was a real special treat to see the marine mammals in their natural environment and to see the breeding birds in their numbers. Thank you Bjørn for the wonderful hospitality. Hope to see you and Gjesvær again some day.

Best wishes,
Mariette Wheeler (The "Ice Lady")
  • Mariette Wheeler
  • South Africa South Africa
  • June 14th 2010
Dear Friends Bjørn and Helene
I want to say that people should look towards the North more often! Go against the wind and get ruddy cheeks on your way to the peak of North Cape - the Knivskjellodden. Enjoy the Barents sea subtle scent of salt. Climb mountains, breathe the soft spiced air, sit daydreaming while watching the changing color of the waves. In Gjesvær the simple things of nature have a message you understand, and you can rejoice because your soul is alive.
North and specially Gjesvær is the best!

You can see where the day lies quietly dreaming in the pale fire of the midgnight sun, and flocks of seabirds here in the north, scent of flowers in the air become and new-formed lies the land of hope in the wondrous midnight sun.

Adding to the nature, the warmth of the hosts, hospitality and unique, wonderful cabin.
We can only truly own moments and memories - I thank you for the wonderful moments up in the North!

Thank you Bjørn and Helene,
Siiri from Tallinn, Estonia
  • Siiri
  • Estonia Estonia
  • August 2009
steike du va lik ei kveitæ der då låg på sia av mått sjå to gång..å vis ho mamma bilde..før vi kun avgjær kem som va kem..:P neida!
Arti heimesiæ! Knaill :D
  • Ann Elisabeth
  • Norway Norway
  • En gang i fremtiden
The higlight of my visit to North Cape in 2007 was without any doubt the overnight stay at Bjørn and Helenes cabin. I liked it so much I just had to return in 2009. Today I am happy to call them my friends. Thank you.
  • Silver
  • Estonia Estonia
  • July 2007 & August 2009